Welcome! We are always taking new patients and happy to accommodate your dental needs in any way we can.
Wether your first visit is for an emergency or just for a second opinion, we are ready to help your needs with our best trained staffs and experienced doctors. Let us first to know what is your concerns and needs.

What to Expect


As you already may know when you start seeing new doctors, there are some paper works to do. They are medical hx, hippa and consent form. These forms are available online for you and you can complete them at your convenience prior to your first visit.

Routine check up and cleaning

Unless there is a specific dental problem or concern, most patients prefer that their first visit be for a cleaning and dental exam. At this appointment we will review your past medical and dental history, take necessary x-rays, gum disease and oral cancer screening, perform a dental exam, and provide a thorough cleaning.

Emergency Visit

problem focused, limited exam is performed first, few Xrays may be necessary and palliative or definitive treatment will be rendered depends on the condition.

Consultation or Second opinion

from a simple oral hygiene to advanced Bone grafting and implant surgery, we are here to answer your questions. recommendation and advise are always presented to our patient after thorough and comprehensive evaluation.